Sulu Bundle for easier create your own backend bundles.

1.0.1 2017-04-06 13:16 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-21 19:37:12 UTC


Inspired by doctrine crud generator.

A Sulu Bundle to make it easier to create a new Backend Bundle.

With this Bundle it should be possible to create a Backend Bundles without the knowledge of husky the sulu javascript framework.


composer require l91/sulu-backend-bundle

Add Bundle to AdminKernel

$bundles[] = new L91\Sulu\Bundle\BackendBundle\L91SuluBackendBundle();


As example we will create a API for an entity called Vehicle.

1. Create Entity

First create the doctrine entity with a .orm.xml.

2. Create Repository

Create a Repository for loading entities from the database. The BackendRepository have a default implementation for them:

  • findById
  • findAll
  • count

Create the functions in your repository or extend from the BackendRepository.


namespace YourBundle\Entity\Repository;

use L91\Sulu\Bundle\BackendBundle\Entity\Repository\BackendRepository;

class VehicleRepository extends BackendRepository
    // Add your custom repository functions here

Register Repository

        class: YourBundle\Entity\VehicleRepository
        factory_service: doctrine.orm.entity_manager
        factory_method: getRepository
            - YourBundle\Entity\Vehicle

4. Generate Controller, Manager, Admin Navigation or Tab, JSBundle

You can easily generate them with following command:

app/console l91:sulu:backend:generate:crud YourBundle:Vehicle --route-format yml --service-format yml

Add --extended to have no requirements to this Bundle. This will generate a complete own Controller, Manager, ... when use the extended generation you could remove this bundle from your requirements after you generated your bundle.

Command List

You can also just generate a specific part with the following commands:

  • app/console l91:sulu:backend:generate:controller
  • app/console l91:sulu:backend:generate:manager
  • app/console l91:sulu:backend:generate:admin
  • app/console l91:sulu:backend:generate:js
  • app/console l91:sulu:backend:generate:navigation-provider