The Event Bus abstraction library

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This library provide abstract classes and interfaces to implement simple and powerfull tool to communicate bettween your services or aplications.


Message it is kind of DTO (Data Transfer Object), wich contains business data of your service or application that need to be sent to another service or application. Message have a headers, content and raw attributes.

  • Message::headers it is headers to tell your or target system what data message contains (the name of serializer data or content type of this message, etc)
  • Message::raw it is attribue to store your own data
  • Message::content - content


Drivers - abstraction layer to handle communication between infrastructure and application layer. According to DriverInterface driver MUST implements methods to push message into transport and to get message from transport. Also driver MUST implements method to confirm and reject messages. This library provides one specific driver - DriverChain.

  • DriverChain It is simple driver to union your drivers into a collection. All configured drivers into chain will be fired consistently.

Metadata Reader

Metadata reader - tool to read stored metadata of your messages or drivers. It may store configuration of your transport or message build schema.


PSR Logger need to log all actions you need.