Remote Coding Standards Validation for PHP

1.0.0 2016-05-29 06:46 UTC

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Last update: 2021-11-06 00:43:58 UTC


Convenient Coding Standards Validation for GitHub

RemoteCS is a remote Coding Standard Validator for Github repositories. Unlike regular CS Validators, it doesn't requires any changes on the client side (no IDE plugin required neither pre-commit-hook setup for GIT). No need to set up on every developer's machine, just in one central place.


  • RemoteCS is a GitHub WebHook - Activated after each commit
  • Scans the newly added and the modified files after each commit (not the entire repository) on the committed branch
  • Currently supports PHP: PHP lint for Syntax Checking and PHPCS for Coding Standards Validation
  • Sends E-mail to the committer after commits about the results (if there is any result)

Future directions:

  • Scan for ignore list file in each repository (example: /.remotecs-ignore)
  • Send coding standard validation messages as inline comments into the commit to GitHub
  • Multiple language support (Java, Ruby, Python, etc)
  • Give points to the developers based on their code cleaniness & send weekly summary / toplist
  • Web interface


  • PHP
  • GIT
  • PHPCS (PEAR/PHP_CodeSniffer)
  • A webserver with sufficient rights to run all of the above
  • Credentials for Amazon Simple Email Service to receive E-mails

Quick Install

  • Copy the remotecs files to your webserver's directory or use composer to install:
composer require ktamas77/remotecs
  • Add the script's HTTP URL to Github -> Your Project -> Settings -> Service Hooks -> WebHook URLs
  • Make sure the path's are correct in the Payload.class.php file & your webserver has sufficient rights
  • Copy the config.sample.php into config.php and set up your Amazon Simple Email Service credentials to receive E-mails
  • Press Test Hook or Commit & Push files
  • If in trouble, enable debugging by $payload->debug(true); in index.php and check the debug.log file in the log directory
  • Enjoy! =)