PHPass Hashing integration to Laravel 5

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#PHPass Hashing integration for Laravel 5

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A PHPass Hasher integration to Laravel 5. This package overrides the default Bycrypt Hasher of Laravel and uses the Phpass Library from Openwall for password hashing and checking methods.

If you are using Laravel 4, try out the old implementation here.


Install package through Composer.

"require": {
    "ksungcaya/phpass-laravel": "~1.0"

Then run composer update

$ composer update

Update config/app.php and include a reference to this package's service provider in the providers array.

'providers' => [


Now that PHPass is installed in Laravel, you can now use the normal Hash methods.

Hash::check('secret', $hashedPassword);

That's it!

Please refer to Laravel documentation on Hashing to know more about the Hash methods.