GraphQL classes generator based on Webonyx library

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Converts a GraphQL Schema to static PHP files. It currently supports generating namespaced class file. The tool is interfaced through a CLI.


  • PHP 5.6 or higher.
  • Composer


The repository can be cloned in order to gain access to the GraphQL generator.

git clone
composer install


The examples source directory contains some graphqls schema examples on which you can run the tool against.

Simple schema generation

To generate class files from a valid graphqls file, run the following command:

php graphqlgen generate-classes ./examples/base.graphqls ./base

The output files will appear in the base directory.


Run unit tests with PHPUnit 5.7.



You can run the CLI tool with the following command:

php graphqlgen generate-classes [options] [--] <input> <targetdir>

Arguments are:

  • input: A .graphqls file to use as input.
  • targetdir: A directory in which to generate the classes.

Available options are:

  • --writer=WRITER: Type of writer with which to output the files. Default is namespaced.
    • Namespaced Writer: A class will be generated for each type definition under Types\Enums for enum types, Types\Input for input types, Types\Interfaces for interface types, Types\Scalars for scalar types, Types\Unions for union types, and Types for standard types. Per-directory namespacing standard will be respected.
  • --stubs-dir: This is a directory containing the stub files.
  • --overwrite: If this flag is set, the writer will attempt to override the files. If not, a warning will be thrown when an existing file is found.
  • --formatter-use-tabs: If this flag is set, the PHP ouput file formatter will use tabs instead of spaces for indentation.
  • --formatter-indent-spaces: If not using tabs for the formatter, this is the number of spaces per indent block. Default is 4.
  • --formatter-line-merge: When descriptions are written on multiple lines in a .graphqls file, they are merged with the specified character. Default is ,.

Namespaced Writer

Although the namespaced writer is currently the only writer supported, it comes with a few options bundled:

  • --namespaced-target-namespace: If using the namespaced Writer, the given namespace will be prefixed. This does not alter the target directory structure.

Additional files

In addition to generating the type definitions for each type, the following files are generated.

All types are statically initialized in the TypeStore. This helps ensure only a single instance of a type definition throughout the application. The properties of each type are stored independently in a DTO.

TypeStore location:


For input types, and Union types, a resolver is created. This file is intended to be editable by the user of this tool, and to split the type definition from the actual code. The resolvers are initialized through the ResolverFactory. This allows passing external values to the resolvers constructors.

Resolvers namespace format:


Additionally, for input types, a DTO is created. DTO serve as a data structure that should ultimately be returned by the resolver functions. It is important to separate these concerns as a type definition can only exist once (hence the need of a TypeStore), but a DTO can exist multiple times throughout the application.

DTO namespace format:


Interfaces use composition instead of inheritance due to GraphQL being able to implement multiple of them. They are declared in two components: a trait, and a bare class implementing this trait. The trait contains all members.

Stub Files

The stub files are used as a boilerplate for generating the files of a specific GraphQL type. For the namespaced Writer, the files required are the same ones in src/Generator/Writer/Namespaced/stubs.

For example, an interface type will use interface.stub as its base file for generating the class. The following types are matched:

  • Enums: enum.stub
  • Interfaces: interface.stub
  • Inputs: input.stub
  • Object: object.stub
  • Scalar: scalar.stub
  • Unions: union.stub

Additionally, typestore.stub is matched to the TypeStore, dto.stub to DTOs, and resolver.stub to resolvers.

See src/Generator/Writer/Namespaced/stubs for the stub files content.


Mutations are currently ignored when generating the GraphQL files. As these mostly imply logical operations, you will need to implement the resolve functions yourself.