Markdown Support for Bono Based Project

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Last update: 2024-03-29 03:50:28 UTC


This package will make you able to use markdown as Norm schema or input type markdown in your Bono Based Project.

Note: This package required PHP >5.4


Add this package to your composer.json file

"require": {
    "krisanalfa/bono-markdown": "~0.0.1",

Register Bono Markdown provider to your Bono provider configuration:

'bono.providers' => [
    'Bono\\Markdown\\Provider\\MarkdownProvider' => [
        'gfm' => true, // activate Github Flavored Markdown

Note: For another config options, see the Config section below.

Example Usage

$app = App::getInstance();
$markdown = '**Markdown is awesome**';

// render markdown syntax
echo $app->container['markdown']->render($markdown);

// render markdown form input
echo $app->container['markdown.form']->renderInput($markdown);

Input form use Bootstrap 3 as it's theme, if you want to override this one, you should use custom view, and render your own partial template there.


Below is complete example of available option for your Markdown configuration:

use App\MyCustomViewEngine;

'bono.providers' => [
    'Bono\\Markdown\\Provider\\MarkdownProvider' => [
        'gfm' => true, // default false
        'service' => true, // default false
        'endpoint' => '/md-parser', // default '/md'
        'requestKeyName' => 'entry', // default 'markdown',
        'view' => function () { // default is not set, fallback to Slim\View
            return new MyCustomViewEngine;
        'partialTemplatePath' => 'templates/partials', // default is not set, using our own partials

Options –– gfm

Enable Github Flavored Markdown, default is false

Options –– service

If you want to enable web service that able to parse markdown set this to true, default is false

Options –– endpoint

The endpoint URL of your web service, require service to true, default is md

Options –– requestKeyName

The request key name for your web service, default is markdown

Options –– view

Your custom view engine, default is Slim\View

Options –– partialTemplatePath

Your custom partial template, default is not set (using our own partials)

Norm Schema

You can also use this package as Norm schema. Be caution, when you call formatInput() method, the method calls $app->container['markdown.form']->renderInput($markdown) method; the default partial still use _markdown/form and Slim\View view engine. So, if you want to override this behavior, you must set your own view in config file:

'bono.providers' => [
    'Bono\\Markdown\\Provider\\MarkdownProvider' => [
        'view' => function() {
            return new MyCustomViewEngine();

Note: Make sure your custom view is an extends from Slim\View

Web Service

To enable this feature, you have to change your config, and set service to true. Access them via POST request. This is a simple javascript example to access your webservice:

    url: '',
    data: {
        'markdown': '**Markdown is awesome**'
    type: 'POST'
}).done(function(html) {

Note: As you see, the given URL, /md is based on your endpoint configuration.

Another Hack

Form input use Slim\View to fetch and load the view. If you want to change this default, you can use $app->container['markdown.form']->setView($view).

$view = new MyCustomViewEngine();

$app->container['markdown.form']->setView($view); // after this, form should use your custom view engine

One more. The default partials to render is _markdown/form, if you want to render another partials, just pass a second argument in Form::renderInput() method. Example:

$app->container['markdown.form']->renderInput($markdown, '_partials/markdown');

For more information, see Bono\Markdown\Helper\Form.php file.

Note: Your custom view should an extends from Slim\View