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the debugger you embed into your project with composer

Inspector Debugger (idbg) is a debugger for PHP 7.1+ written in PHP.

Alpha Software

idbg is alpha software, still under heavy development: Please do not design workflows around idbg yet ...

Please do test, at this stage, we ar reliant upon the reports you make to improve idbg.


  • PHP 7.1+
  • krakjoe/inspector


idbg is a Debugger akin to phpdbg or XDebug, though nowhere near as advanced as either of those pieces of software (yet?). idbg is written entirely in PHP, and can be embedded into your project (and workflow, eventually) using Composer. The complexity of debugging Zend is isolated within the only extension which idbg relies on.

Executing composer require krakjoe/idbg dev-master in your project will install vendor/bin/idbg, executing vendor/bin/idbg will present you with:

Fig 1: welcome

idbg is ready to accept commands; For a list of commands, and a little help, type help and press enter:

Fig 2: help

You probably want to set Break Points before executing run file://path/to/my/script.php, or using eval to enter into some code.

Get Involved

idbg is your debugger ... open a PR ...