Load XML file with XSD validation

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XML Config Loader

This library helps you easily validate and load XML configuration files using XSD schemas. It's designed to ensure the integrity and consistency of your configuration data with minimal effort. Additionally, it can be used to load and validate general XML files.


To get started, install the required package using Composer:

composer require koriym/data-file

Validate and load the XML file.


Simple XML Load with Validation

Load and validate your XML files with just a few lines of code:

use Koriym\DataFile\XmlLoad;

$xml = (new XmlLoad())('/path/to/xml', '/path/to/xsd');
assert($xml instanceof SimpleXMLElement);

Config XML Load

Easily load configuration files (config.xml or config.xml.dist) from the specified directory. If both files are present, config.xml is loaded first:

use Koriym\DataFile\XmlConfigLoad;

$xml = (new XmlConfigLoad('confilg.xml'))('/path/to/config_dir', '/path/to/xsd');
assert($xml instanceof SimpleXMLElement);

Using .dist files allows you to maintain default settings in your repository while keeping local configurations separate.


  • The XSD schema ensures your XML files adhere to the defined structure and content standards.
  • .dist files are useful for providing default configurations that can be overridden by local settings.