Examples for KoolReport Framework.

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These examples demonstrate the usage of KoolReport Framework and its extended packages.

About KoolReport

KoolReport is an intuitive and flexible Open-Source PHP Reporting Framework for faster and easier report delivery. It gives you full control of data process as well as data visualization. It is fast, simple and can be extended in many ways.

KoolReport is free and open source released under MIT license.

How to install example

Please make the folder structure like this:

├── koolreport/
└── examples/

The examples inside examples folder will make reference to koolreport folder.

Note: If your koolreport folder is located at different location than above, you can change the library inclusion path inside examples/load.koolreport.php.

Simplest way to get example running

The simplest way to get example running is to download the KoolReport & Examples package from our site. The package contains both KoolReport and the examples so you only to unzip and copy to web folder to run.


Since the example is for both KoolReport core and extended packages. The examples for extended packages may not work because extended package has not been installed. If example requires a package to run, you may look for the package in our Extended Packages.


If you need any assistance, you may post questions on our forums or email us at support@koolreport.com. We are glad to answer all of your questions.


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