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Supported DB platforms:

  • Sqlite
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

Provides a database API that has support for LIMIT / OFFSET queries, nested transactions, database object prefixes, identifier quoting and unified retrieval of auto-increment values. Provides schema migrations and related commands for supported DB platforms.

Doctrine DBAL Integration

KoolKode Database ships with a DBAL connection that can be used instead of the PDO connection. API exceptions are available when using a Doctrine PDO driver. Other Doctrine drivers must implement ExceptionConverterDriver (and as such require DBAL version 2.5 or newer) to be able to convert exceptions into API exceptions.

DB Migrations

KoolKode Database ships with a command line tool called kkdb that can be used to create and apply DB migrations. Every command (except for migration:generate) requires a DB connection to be configured. The tool requires a file called .kkdb.php to be present in the same directory as the composer.json of your project. The file is being used to configure DB connections and migration directories.

The tool will help you (interactively) with the generation of .kkdb.php when the file does not exist as soon as you try to execute one of the commands that require a DB connection.


Will remove all tables and views from a configured DB. It has an optional flag t that will truncate all data instead of dropping schema objects.


Generates a migration file (PHP-script file) in a directory called migration that must be present on the same level as the composer.json of your project.


Applies all UP migrations using all migration directories configured in you .kkdb.php file.