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1.0.00-RC4 2019-12-07 00:05 UTC

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Last update: 2022-01-11 09:08:33 UTC


Library Bundle for Kookaburra

Version 1.0.00-RC4

This bundle allows the creation of multiple library catalogues, allowing you to setup a general library, and perhaps a text book library or two.

Each library has the following Settings:

  • Default lending period
  • Number of items allowed to borrow
  • Default Department
  • Default Facility Location
  • Background Colour
  • Background Image

Bar Code Scanner

The Borrow / Return Manager allows the use of a bar code scanner. The bar codes should be in Code 39 Extended with Checksum (Code39E+.)

The system is able to generate a list of borrowers for your library use.

@todo Add the ability to set a last return day per library.

Release Notes