Kontent CMF & Laravel 5 Integration Package

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This package shouldn't be used directly, use either Kontent Eloquent or Kontent Analogue instead, both are implicitly relying on this package.

Add the dependency to composer:

# either
composer require konekt/kontent-eloquent
# or
composer require konekt/kontent-analogue

# this works as well, but not much sense at the moment:
composer require konekt/kontent-laravel

Register The Provider

In the config/app.php configuration file, add to the provider array:

'providers' => [
    // Other Service Providers


Publish Files

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Konekt\Kontent\Laravel\KontentServiceProvider" --tag=config
php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Konekt\Kontent\Laravel\KontentServiceProvider" --tag=migrations

Edit Config

Edit the packages's config file app/kontent.php:

Available options are:

Option Meaning Default
db.table_prefix The database table prefix "konekt_"
translation.enabled Whether or not to use the translation features * false
translation.default The default language to use "en"
translation.languages Array of your app's supported languages ['en']

*: Configure this before you run the package's migrations. This setting influences whether translation related columns are generated in the database during the migration