Concrete Godisko release batch representation

v0.0.1 2014-05-15 17:36 UTC


Concrete Godisko release batch representation


This package represents a batch structure as exported by Godisko. Godisko is a legacy system for metadata and media management. This structure might serve as an example to implement your own packshot definition on top of Mediameister. This package implements the following structure:

+ packshot-dir
    + meta.XML
    + cover.jpg
    + GB6HK1200063.wav
    + GB6HK1200067.wav

Audio files are named by ISRC code and referenced in meta.XML


  • git clone https://github.com/kompakt/godisko-release-batch.git
  • cd godisko-release-batch
  • curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php
  • php composer.phar install


Start by making a copy of the example batch:

  • cp -R example/_files/drop-dir/example-batch-dist example/_files/drop-dir/example-batch

Example of a full task composition to list the packshot contents of a batch

  • php example/batch-inspector.php

This will output something like this:

Processing batch: 2014-05-05

+ Packshot: 880319658433
  Name: ----
  Label: PNN
  Ean: 880319658433
  Release date: 2014-04-28
  + Front artwork: ok
    + Track (DEU671401365): Open (Audio ok)
    + Track (DEU671401366): Sinkhole (Audio ok)
    + Track (DEU671401367): It's Rough (Audio ok)
    + Track (DEU671401368): Live The Dream (Audio ok)
    + Track (DEU671401369): Frankrike (Float) (Audio ok)
    + Track (DEU671401370): Holding (Audio ok)
    ! Track (DEU671401371): A Lot To Share (Album) (Audio missing)
    ! Track (DEU671401372): Wow (And Flutter) (Audio missing)
+ Packshot: 880319665011
  Name: Kiloton EP
  Label: Correspondant
  Ean: 880319665011
  Release date: 2014-04-14
  ! Front artwork: missing
    + Track (DEU671401337): Kiloton (Audio ok)
    + Track (DEU671401338): Parenthesis (Audio ok)
    + Track (DEU671401339): Kiloton (Hardway Bros Remix) (Audio ok)
    + Track (DEU671401340): Parenthesis (Raudive Remix) (Audio ok)
= Packshots: 2 total, 2 ok
= Artwork: 2 total, 1 ok (1 errors)
= Audio: 12 total, 10 ok (2 errors)
= Time: 0.1425 seconds

Example of a full task composition with all supported events

  • php example/debugger.php

This simply outputs the events along the way:

+ Task run
  + Batch start
    + Packshot load
      + Artwork
        + Track
        + Track
      + Metadata
  + Batch end
+ Task end
+ Task final
  • php example/selection-adder/run.php

"Select" some packshots by saving their name into a file. Selections are used to specify one or more packshots to be moved or copied to a new batch

  • php example/selection-lister/run.php

List the currently "selected" packshots

  • php example/selection-copier/run.php

Create a new batch directory in the same drop directory and copy the "selected" packshots into it


  • cp tests/config.php.dist config.php
  • Adjust config.php as needed
  • vendor/bin/phpunit