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What is it?

This is a simple php written mpd client library.

How to install

composer require kolbasyatin/php-mpd-client

How to use
use Kolbasyatin\MPD\MPD\MPDClient;
use Kolbasyatin\MPD\MPD\MPDConnection;

$connection = new MPDConnection('localhost:6600', 'yourpassword');
$client = new MPDClient($connection);

$client->play(); // Send the command
$answer = $client->status(); // Get the result

The answer is array in example above.

You may add an answer with custom format by adding the object instance which implements MPDAnswerInterface to MPDClient constructor . There is one simple Answer yet.

use Kolbasyatin\MPD\MPD\MPDClient;
use Kolbasyatin\MPD\MPD\MPDConnection;
use Kolbasyatin\MPD\MPD\Answers\SimpleAnswer;

$connection = new MPDConnection('localhost:6600', 'yourpassword');
$answer = new SimpleAnswer();
$client = new MPDClient($connection, $answer);


/** @var SimpleAnswer $answer */
$answer = $client->status(); // $answer is instance of SimpleAnswer.
$answer->getAnswerAsRaw(); // You also can get a raw answer from a server.
$answer->getState(); // state

There are the methods list of SimpleAnswer:

 * Class SimpleAnswer
 * @method string getVolume()
 * @method string getRepeat()
 * @method string getRandom()
 * @method string getSingle()
 * @method string getConsume()
 * @method string getPlaylist()
 * @method string getPlayListLength()
 * @method string getState()
 * @method string getSong()
 * @method string getSongId()

Since default socket timeout is long enough, it was changed to 2 sec, however you can to change timeout as you like.

use Kolbasyatin\MPD\MPD\MPDConnection;

$connection = new MPDConnection('localhost:6600', 'yourpassword');

When the error occurred, an MPDClientException will be thrown.

In case when SimpleAnswer was used, exception will not appear, and you may check the status in an answer object.


That it is.

Commands list

Here is commands list, or you can see them in MPDClient class.


Before launch phpunit you must start docker container.

docker-compose -f docker/mpd/docker-compose.yml up -d