Composer Plugin for installing Assets using native npm/bower

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v2.0.9 2024-06-11 08:24 UTC


This Composer plugin installs assets using native npm/bower. Not only the root package can have dependencies.

Npm packages will be installed in package folder, bower will be installed in root - with all dependencies merged.


Example usage


"require": {
    "koala-framework/composer-extra-assets": "~1.1"
"extra": {
    "require-npm": {
        "grunt": "0.4.*"
    "require-bower": {
        "jquery": "*"
    "require-dev-bower": {
        "qunit": "*"
    "require-dev-npm": {

Bower dependencies

Bower dependencies will be installed in the vendor/bower_components directory.

NPM dependencies

NPM dependencies will be installed in the node_modules directory of the package that requires the dependency. Some NPM packages provide binary files (for instance gulp and grunt).

NPM binaries will be exposed in the vendor/bin directory if the NPM dependency is declared in the root Composer package.

If you are writing a package and want a NPM package to be available in the node_modules directory of Composer's root (instead of the node_modules directory of your package), you can add the expose-npm-packages attribute to the composer extra session of your package:

 "require": {
     "koala-framework/composer-extra-assets": "~1.1"
 "extra": {
     "require-npm": {
         "gulp": "*"
     "expose-npm-packages": true

Generated files

This plugin will automatically generate 3 files: .bowerrc, bower.json, package.json/

Unless you have special requirements, you can ignore those 3 files in your VCS. If you are using GIT, add this to your .gitignore:




This plugin will generate a file named composer-extra-assets.lock which can be used just like composer.lock. Put it under version control if you want to be able to install the exact same dependencies.


This plugins removes (and re-installs) the complete node_modules folder. Any changes will be lost.