This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

This Symfony2 bundle provides a simple way of autocompleting your commands in your shell.

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This package is not auto-updated.

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This bundle provides a simple way of autocompleting your commands in your shell.


Installation is a quick (I promise!) 4 step process:

  1. Download KnpConsoleAutocompleteBundle
  2. Configure the Autoloader
  3. Enable the Bundle
  4. Add profile shortcut

Step 1: Download KnpConsoleAutocompleteBundle

Ultimately, the KnpConsoleAutocompleteBundle files should be downloaded to the vendor/bundles/Knp/Bundle/ConsoleAutocompleteBundle directory.

This can be done in several ways, depending on your preference. The first method is the standard Symfony2 method.

Using the vendors script

Add the following lines in your deps file:


Now, run the vendors script to download the bundle:

$ php bin/vendors install

Using submodules

If you prefer instead to use git submodules, then run the following:

$ git submodule add git:// vendor/bundles/Knp/Bundle/ConsoleAutocompleteBundle
$ git submodule update --init

Step 2: Configure the Autoloader

Add the Knp namespace to your autoloader:

// app/autoload.php

    // ...
    'Knp' => __DIR__.'/../vendor/bundles',

Step 3: Enable the bundle

Finally, enable the bundle in the kernel:

// app/AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
        // ...
        new Knp\Bundle\ConsoleAutocompleteBundle\KnpConsoleAutocompleteBundle(),

Step 4: Add profile shortcut

The first time you install KnpConsoleAutocompleteBundle in a project, you should add Resources/Shells/symfony2-completion.bash in your bash profile (in ~/.bash_profile on MacOS and ~/.bashrc on Ubuntu Debian or other linux):

source /path-to-symfony2-completion.bash


That's it! Now when you type:

./app/console doc[TAB], you should see an autocompletion of the command name.

./app/console doctrine:fixtures:load --[TAB], you should see an autocompletion of the option names.

Valid executable names are:

  • console
  • Symfony


If none of these names do it for you, you can enable completion for your own executable. Add this line to your bash profile, just below where you sourced symfony2-completion.bash:

complete -F _console my-console-name

Copyright & Credits

KnpConsoleAutocompleteBundle Copyright (c) 2011 KnpLabs.
See LICENSE for details.