Klaviyo PHP SDK

2.3.3 2021-08-17 13:20 UTC

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Last update: 2021-10-17 13:41:44 UTC


Klaviyo is a real-time service for understanding your customers by aggregating all your customer data, identifying important groups of customers and then taking action. http://www.klaviyo.com/

What does this package do?

  • Track customers and events directly from your backend.

How to install?

composer require klaviyo/php-sdk

API Examples

After installing the Klaviyo package you can initiate it using your public token which is for track events or identifying profiles and/or your private api key to utilize the metrics and list apis.

use Klaviyo\Klaviyo as Klaviyo;

$client = new Klaviyo( 'PRIVATE_API_KEY', 'PUBLIC_API_KEY' );

You can then easily use Klaviyo to track events or identify people. Note, track and identify requests take your public token.

Track an event

use Klaviyo\Model\EventModel as KlaviyoEvent;

$event = new KlaviyoEvent(
        'event' => 'Filled out Profile',
        'customer_properties' => array(
            '$email' => 'someone@mailinator.com'
        'properties' => array(
            'Added Social Accounts' => False

$client->publicAPI->track( $event, true );

You can also add profile properties to the 'customer properties' attribute in the Event model

use Klaviyo\Model\EventModel as KlaviyoEvent;

$event = new KlaviyoEvent(
        'event' => 'Filled out Profile',
        'customer_properties' => array(
            '$email' => 'someone@mailinator.com',
            '$first_name' => 'Thomas',
            '$last_name' => 'Jefferson'
        'properties' => array(
            'Added Social Accounts' => False

$client->publicAPI->track( $event, true );

or just add a property to someone

use Klaviyo\Model\ProfileModel as KlaviyoProfile;

$profile = new KlaviyoProfile(
        '$email' => 'thomas.jefferson@mailinator.com',
        '$first_name' => 'Thomas',
        '$last_name' => 'Jefferson',
        'Plan' => 'Premium'

$client->publicAPI->identify( $profile, true );

You can get metrics, a timeline of events and export analytics for a metric. See here for more https://www.klaviyo.com/docs/api/metrics

#return a list of all metrics in your Klaviyo account

#return a timeline of all metrics

#return a specific metric timeline using its metric ID
$client->metrics->getMetricTimelineById( 'METRICID' );

#export metric specific values
$client->metrics->getMetricExport( 'METRICID' );

You can create, update, read, and delete lists. See here for more information https://www.klaviyo.com/docs/api/v2/lists

#create a list
$client->lists->createList( 'List Name' );

#Get all lists in your Klaviyo account

#Get information about a list
$client->lists->getListById( 'ListId' );

#update a lists properties
$client->lists->updateListNameById( 'ListId', 'ListName' );

#Delete a list from account
$client->lists->deleteList( 'ListId' );

#Subscribe or re-subscribe profiles to a list
$client->lists->addSubscribersToList( 'ListId', array $arrayOfProfiles );

#Check if profiles are on a list and not suppressed
$client->lists->checkListSubscriptions( 'ListId', array $emails, array $phoneNumbers, array $pushTokens );

#Unsubscribe and remove profiles from a list
$client->lists->deleteSubscribersFromList( 'ListId', array $emails );

#Add members to list without affecting consent status
$client->lists->addMembersToList( 'ListId', array $arrayOfProfiles );

#Check if profiles are on a list
$client->lists->checkListMembership( 'ListId', array $emails, array $phoneNumbers, array $pushTokens );

#Remove members from a list without changing their consent status
$client->lists->removeMembersFromList( 'ListId', array $emails );

#Get all exclusions on a list
$client->lists->getListExclusions( 'ListId' );

#Get all of the emails, phone numbers and push tokens for profiles in a given list or segment
$client->lists->getAllMembers( 'GroupId', $marker = $marker_value );

You can fetch profile information given the profile ID, See here for more information https://www.klaviyo.com/docs/api/people

#Get profile by profileId
$client->profiles->getProfile( 'ProfileId' );

#Update a profile
$client->profiles->updateProfile( 'ProfileId', array $properties );

#Get all metrics for a profile
$client->profiles->getAllProfileMetricsTimeline( 'ProfileId' );

#Get a specific metric for a profile
$client->profiles->getProfileMetricTimeline( 'ProfileId', 'MetricId' );

#Get a profile's ID by its email address

You can request a privacy-compliant profile deletion given an identifying property

#Request profile deletion by email

#Request profile deletion by phone number
$client->dataPrivacy->requestProfileDeletion('1-234-567-8910', 'phone_number');

#Request profile deletion by person ID
$client->dataPrivacy->requestProfileDeletion('abc123', 'person_id');



Thrown when there is an issue making an API request. After you catch this exception, you can use getMessage() and it will return a string containing more details about the issue that occurred.


If a rate limit happens it will throw a Klaviyo\Exception\KlaviyoRateLimitException. After you catch this exception you can use getMessage() and it will return a JSON encoded array: {"detail":"Request was throttled. Expected available in 26.0 seconds.","retryAfter":26}


Thrown when there is an authentication error when making an API request, usually caused by an invalid API key.


Thrown when the system attempts to update a property that doesn't exist. For example, attempting to update a list that doesn't exist on the account.