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Klaviyo extension for Magento 2. Allows pushing newsletters to Klaviyo's platform and more.

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Klaviyo extension for Magento 2. Allows pushing newsletters to Klaviyo's platform and more.


  • Identifies users

    • Go to sign in or create account
    • Sign in or create account
    • Go to another page and inspect source for identify call with email, firstname, and lastname
  • Tracks viewing an item (catalog product)

    • Only will work if user is signed in
    • Inspect page source, find learnq snippet and see what PHP is echoing out
    • Should be a Viewed Product track call with product details
  • Saves checkout emails

    • Add some items to your cart and go to checkout page
    • In console see: Klaviyo_Reclaim - Binding to #customer-email
    • Change email
    • See Klaviyo_Reclaim - Quote updated with customer email: your.name@klaviyo.com
    • Make sure AJAX call comes back with checkout / quoute JSON
  • Sync Newsletter (Un)Subscribes to a Klaviyo List

    • This feature covers workflows where a Customer (un)subscribes from the following places:
      • Box at the bottom of every page
      • On account creation
      • Through their account settings
      • Through Customer Newsletter settings on the admin side
  • Abandoned Cart

    • Given a quote ID, a URL can be crafted that will load a Customer's cart with a quote


Magento 2


  • From admin:
    • Go to stores > configuration
    • Find Klaviyo in sidebar
    • Open General
    • Enable Klaviyo
    • Add 6 digit Klaviyo public API key
    • For syncing Newsletter Subscribe/Unsubscribes: also add your Klaviyo private API key
    • To enable error logging: set "Enable Klaviyo Logger" to "Yes"
    • Save config
  • For syncing Newsletter Subscribe/Unsubscribes:
    • Open Newsletter from the sidebar
    • The page should load with your lists from Klaviyo
    • Select a list
    • Save config
  • To setup API credentials for the integration
    • Open Setup Klaviyo User from the sidebar
    • Enter the username, password, and email for the credentials
    • Save config


Contact support@klaviyo.com