Fakturoid PHP library

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Last update: 2022-05-21 15:20:36 UTC


PHP library for Fakturoid.cz. Please see API for more documentation. New account just for testing API and using separate user (created via "Nastavení > Uživatelé a oprávnění") for production usage is higly recommended.


require_once '/path/to/lib/Fakturoid.php';
$f = new Fakturoid('..subdomain..', '..user@email.cz..', '..api_key..', 'PHPlib <your@email.cz>');

// create subject
$subject = $f->create_subject(array('name' => 'Firma s.r.o.', 'email' => 'aloha@pokus.cz'));

// create invoice with lines
$lines   = array(array('name' => 'Big sale', 'quantity' => 1, 'unit_price' => 1000));
$invoice = $f->create_invoice(array('subject_id' => $subject->id, 'lines' => $lines));

// send created invoice
$f->fire_invoice($invoice->id, 'deliver');

// to mark invoice as paid
$f->fire_invoice($invoice->id, 'pay'); // or 'pay_proforma' for paying proforma and 'pay_partial_proforma' for partial proforma

Handling errors

Library raises FakturoidException if server returns code 4xx or 5xx. You can get response code and response body by calling getCode() or getMessage().

try {
  $subject = $f->create_subject(array('name' => '', 'email' => 'aloha@pokus.cz'));
} catch (FakturoidException $e) {
  $e->getCode(); // 422
  $e->getMessage(); // '{"errors":{"name":["je povinná položka","je příliš krátký/á/é (min. 2 znaků)"]}}'

Common problems

  • ensure you have certificates for curl present - either globaly in php.ini or call curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_CAINFO, "/path/to/cacert.pem")
  • in case of problem please contact our invoicing robot on podpora@fakturoid.cz