ODBC Connector for Laravel

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Last update: 2023-01-29 03:35:00 UTC


This is a simple ODBC connector for Laravel 4/5.


Add this to the require section in your composer.json file

"tck/odbc": "dev-master"

In your config/app.php file add the Service Provider to the service providers array like so...


Now in your config/database.php you will need to add your connection details, it'll look something like this...

'odbc'   => [
	'driver'   => 'odbc',
	'dsn'      => 'odbc:DB_CONNECTION_STRING', //
	'host'     => 'DB_HOST',
	'database' => 'DB_NAME,
	'username' => 'DB_USERNAME',
	'password' => 'DB_PASSWORD',

Custom Grammar

To use SQL Server or other database engines, set the grammar in the config:

'odbc'   => [
	'grammar' => [
		'query' => Illuminate\Database\Query\Grammars\SqlServerGrammar::class,
		'schema' => Illuminate\Database\Schema\Grammars\SqlServerGrammar::class,


Now in your app you can do something like...

$data = DB::connection('odbc')->get('tableName')->all();

Alternatively, in an Eloquent model you could something like this

class Users extends Eloquent {

	protected $connection = 'odbc';

DB_CONNECTION_STRING - Something to note

Dependant upon your database configuration, I personally had some difficulty in working out what the DB_CONNECTION_STRING needed to be.

This was some trial and error (with a hell of a lot of Googling!) but you could either use a path, something like...

'dsn'      => 'odbc:\\\\path\to\my\database',

Or a connection name

'dsn'      => 'odbc:\\\\my-connection-name',

Hopefully, this will help you!