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The 1-click companion for Recalbox.

v0.3.0.1 2017-09-24 15:25 UTC

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Last update: 2021-12-01 05:57:32 UTC



Recalboy is your "1-click" companion for Recalbox and is powered by the micro-framework Lumen.

I made it for a personal project, to provide a little second screen for an arcade cabinet, to get access to main features of Retroarch in a breeze.

  • Save
  • Load last save state
  • Take a screenshot & upload it in the cloud
  • Open/Close Retroarch menu
  • Reset game
  • Exit game

New in v0.3 ! You can manage backups of your saves files !


  • Say goodbye to corrupted saves, never lose your progress anymore !
  • Recalboy automatically backups your latest saves when you exit a game.
  • Browse and search your backups by system/game/date/hour, and restore them one by one to your Recalbox.
  • Coming soon : download your backups in 1 zip file.

New in v0.2 ! There's a perfect tool for your arcade cab': Demo Mode


  • Launch randomly a game from the systems of your choice.
  • Every X minutes, another game is launched.
  • You want to play to what you see? No problem: just start to play, Demo mode will turn off.
  • You don't like what you see? Press Hotkey to skip and launch another game.

Demo Mode is perfect to discover games from your collection, or just to let your Recalbox powered arcade cabinet turned on, to display demos like a true arcade cabinet!

How to install ?

Recalboy is very simple to install.

  1. By using Vagrant (Very Easy Install)
  2. By using our Easy Install Wizard.

More details HERE ON THE WIKI.

Note: Recalboy is not something you install on Recalbox.

Demo & screenshots

Watch a demo of v0.2.0 on on Youtube.

You can watch a demo of an early version here.

Screenshots of release 0.1.2 with "micro" theme, on my 2.8" piTFT screen:

Default view, waiting for a game

Game detected !

Click on the upper-right arrow to instantly scroll to actions buttons.

Four of the six actions buttons

Reset and Exit buttons are under these buttons, to avoid to press them by mistake :)

How to use Recalboy ?

Just open it in your browser :)

To launch Demo Mode, click on the upper-right "Play" icon. To skip a game during Demo Mode, press Hotkey button. To quit Demo Mode, press Hotkey button or click on Recaloby's Exit icon. Demo mode can detect if you start to play a game and stop by itself. Yes.

If there's any problem, just refresh your page.

Note: It only works with scraped games :)


All is explained HERE ON THE WIKI.

Known Limitations

See the Wiki


  • Add more informations from running games, to get something less basic.
  • Re-arrange Classic and Mini themes.
  • Demo mode: find a better way to handle Emulation Station off/on.
  • Arcade games : finding, adding, and managing the display of instructions card / move lists, to never forget how to make a Hadoken :)

Thanks to


Recalboy is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license. Feel free to fork it and improve it. Keep in mind I don't consider myself as a developer, so don't be too rough with my code :)