TYPO3 Form: Mailtexts via plugin

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2.1.5 2023-09-26 18:49 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-02-26 19:41:58 UTC


This extension enhances the email finishers of EXT:form by a new field 'Mail text' (message) that allows the editor to define the mail text within the form plugin in the backend:

Form plugin

EmailFinisher override

For this to work the email finisher class of EXT:form is being overridden by our EmailFinisher, so the message variable can be passed through to the template Finishers/Email/Html.html where it's being processed by RenderMessageViewHelper and rendered to all created emails.


The following TS setup is added automatically via ext_typoscript_setup.typoscript:

plugin.tx_form {
    settings {
        yamlConfigurations {
            100 = EXT:form_mailtext/Configuration/Form/MailtextFormSetup.yaml
module.tx_form {
    settings {
        yamlConfigurations {
            100 = EXT:form_mailtext/Configuration/Form/MailtextFormSetup.yaml

Mail text

Within the mail text you can output any user input using the identifier of the input field, e.g. {text-1}.

Additionally there's an experimental feature enabling you to use if like control flows:

Hi {text-1},

you've selected {if:singleselect-1:=:}nothing{endif}{if:singleselect-1:=:1}apple{endif}{if:singleselect-1:=:2}orange{endif}{if:singleselect-1:=:3}banana{endif}.

And your other input is within an array: {if:multiselect-1:in:cat,dog,hamster}it's a pet{endif}

Apparently you like {if:selectsingle-1:=:1}bikes{else}walking{endif}

Good bye.