Amazon Web Services for KISSCMS

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3.0.0 2014-02-05 01:15 UTC


Simple CRUD methods to AWS for KISSCMS



Add the plugin in your plugins folder manually or as a submodule, for example:

git submodule install git:// ./app/plugins/aws/

In your env.json you'll need to add where your root SDK folder. The SDK path will be used to include the AWS PHP SDK, which should live in this path:

SDK. "aws/[VERSION]/aws.phar"


Create models using the SimpleDB trait

class MyModel extends Model {
    use SimpleDB;

Then use like any other KISSCMS module:

$data = new MyModel();



$data = new MyModel( id );



Currently supporting the basic CRUD methods: create, read, update, delete


These are the options added in the site's configuration

Simple DB

  • simpleDB_host: The host of the SimpleDB table(s) (default:
  • simpleDB_timestamps: If enabled inserts created & updated flags for every item (default: true)
  • simpleDB_soft_delete: A boolean that if selected hides the items instead of deleting (default: false)


  • s3_region: The region of the S3 bucket(s) (default:


Created by Makis Tracend ( @tracend )

Distributed through

Released under the MIT license