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KGWeinreBundle integrates Weinre with your Symfony2 application to enable mobile debugging.

NB! To make this work with your mobile devices you still need to install Weinre, please consult their docs on how to do that.


Add KGWeinerBundle to your app with Composer:

$ php composer.phar require kgilden/weinre-bundle:~1.0

Or add it manually to composer.json

    "require": {
        "kgilden/weinre-bundle": "~1.0"

... and then install our dependencies using:

$ php composer.phar install

Finally enable the bundle in the dev environment:

// app/AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
        // ...

    if ('dev' === $this->getEnvironment()) {
        $bundles[] = new KG\WeinreBundle\KGWeinreBundle();



By default the bundle expects your Weinre server to run on the same machine. For example, if the application runs at, the target script is expected to be at "". You can override this by configuring the bundle (each value is optional):

    scheme: https        # defaults to 'http'
    host:  # defaults to server address
    port:   8000         # defaults to '8080'
    path:   /foo.js      # defaults to '/target/target-script-min.js'


  • PHP >= 5.3.8
  • symfony/http-kernel >= 2.0.0
  • symfony/event-dispatcher >= 2.0.0
  • symfony/dependency-injecton >= 2.0.0
  • symfony/config >= 2.0.0


See file.

Running the Tests

You can run unit tests by simply executing



Thanks to Inoryy for the project skeleton.



KGWeinreBundle is released under the MIT License. See the bundled LICENSE file for details.