Build a report with sections and entries. Markdown, PHP objects and HTML outputs.

0.1.0 2022-02-07 06:00 UTC

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Last update: 2023-11-02 19:38:02 UTC


Allow to build a report and output it.

Report skeleton


A report is a collection of sections, a general title, and some metadata.

A section is a collection of entries, and a title. They can also be thought as the chapters of a book.

An entry is text and a title.

That gives the following hierarchy:

Report                  title   (sections)     properties
  ReportSection         title   (entries)
    ReportEntry         title   text

A full example can be found in the tests/WithSampleReport.php file.

Simplified report

You can build a simplified version using only the ReportSection class:

use Keruald\Reporting\ReportSection;

$report = new ReportSection("A simple report about historical geometric problems");
$report->push("Issue 1", "Can we square a circle?");
$report->push("Issue 2", "Can we divise an angle by 3?");
$report->push("Issue 2", "Can we double a cube?");



The library provides HTML and Markdown output.

Examples of such output can be found in the tests/data folder.

Those output classes aren't mandatory to use to present the results: the report data structure can be easily walked with foreach loops to manipulate it.


The keruald/healthcheck library uses this reporting library to generate a site health check, and present the results to help to remediate to the issues detected.