PHP client for interfacing with Eduterm.

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PHP client for interfacing with Eduterm.


Initiate the client with a valid api key, and request with a queryname and optional arguments. The response table will allow you to iterate the response rows.

$eduterm = new EdutermClient("994afb90-2481-4581-a6dd-a02c0de0a9f8");

$eduterm->request("VakLeergebieden", array("onderwijsniveau"=> "bk:512e4729-03a4-43a2-95ba-758071d1b725"));

foreach( $eduterm->response_table as $row ) { 
    echo $row["vakLabel"]."\n";

The raw data is also available as well as the json data array (if the response was formatted in json):

  • $eduterm->response_data
  • $eduterm->response_json


Assuming you do not know anything about Eduterm, you can find some (Dutch) documentation on the developer wiki. Specifically useful might be the ListQueries operation which provides an overview to the queries to which an API-key has access, but also which arguments are required for each query.