simple alert notifications with sweet alert and animate.css for laravel

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This is Flexible Notification customize from Codecourse/Notify. Thanks to Alex Garrett.


Using Composer

composer require ken/sweetanimation

Add the service provider to config/app.php


Optionally include the Facade in config/app.php if you'd like.

'Sweet' => Ken\Sweetanimation\Facades\Sweetanimation::class,

Note, there is a animation() function available, so unless you really want to use the Facade, there's no need to include it.



From your application, call the flash method with a message and type.

animation()->flash('Welcome back!', 'success');

Within a view, you can now check if a flash message exists and output it.

@if (animation()->ready())
    <div class="alert-box {{ sweet()->type() }}">
        {{ animation()->message() }}

Notify is front-end framework agnostic, so you're free to easily implement the output however you choose.


You can pass additional options to the flash method, which are then easily accessible within your view.

animation()->flash('Welcome back!', 'success', [
    'timer' => 3000,
    'text' => 'It\'s really great to see you again',
    'animate' => 'flash'

Then, in your view.

@if (animation()->ready())
            title: "{!! animation()->message() !!}",
            text: "{!! animation()->option('text') !!}",
            type: "{{ animation()->type() }}",
            @if (animation()->option('timer'))
                timer: {{ animation()->option('timer') }},
                showConfirmButton: false,
            @if (animation()->option('animate'))
                animation: false,
                customClass: "animated {!! animation()->option('animate') !!}",
                showConfirmButton: true // optional

SweetAlert example

The above example uses SweetAlert, but the flexibily of SweetAlert and Animate.css means you can easily use it with any JavaScript alert solution.

Issues and contribution

Just submit an issue or pull request through GitHub. Thanks!