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The Keen IO Symfony2 Bundle allows you to quickly and easily use the Keen IO PHP Client in your Symfony 2 applications.

Community-Supported SDK

This is an unofficial community supported SDK.

KeenIO Bundle Installation

The best method of installation is through the use of composer.

Add the bundle to Composer
    "require": {
        "keen-io/keen-io-bundle": "~1.3"
Update AppKernel.php

Add The KeenIO Bundle to your kernel bootstrap sequence

public function registerBundles()
	$bundles = array(
    	// ...
    	new KeenIO\Bundle\KeenIOBundle\KeenIOBundle(),

    return $bundles;
Configure the Client

The values for the configuration can be found in the Project Overview section of your Keen IO Dashboard


	version:    <version> //version is optional and correctly defaults to 3.0
	project_id: <project id>
	master_key: <master key>
	write_key:  <write key>
	read_key:   <read key>

Using the Client

Once configured the client is available through the service container in your application.


public function indexAction()
    $client = $this->get('keen_io');
    $client->addEvent('example_collection', array( 'foo' => 'bar' ));

    // ...

Or it can be passed into your services through dependency injection:


# Example Tracking Service
	class: Acme\Bundle\AcmeBundle\Service\Tracking
    	- @keen_io

Questions & Support

If you have any questions, bugs, or suggestions, please report them via Github Issues. Or, come chat with us anytime at We'd love to hear your feedback and ideas!


This is an open source project and we love involvement from the community! Hit us up with pull requests and issues.