This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.
There is no license information available for the latest version (1.2.1) of this package.

Keboola Extractor Development Bundle

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This readme assumes knowledge of Syrup environment. Please refer to Syrup's documentation for basic informations!

0. Environment init

Connect to elasticsearch

Ensure you can connect to Elasticsearch and the databases specified in parameters_shared.yml!

Skip if yer developing on Devel!

KBC Devel: ssh -L -L 3306:localhost:3306

1. Create the extractor

$ git clone

$ php extractor-generator/generate.php

Follow interactive interface

Remove generator

$ rm -rf extractor-generator

2. Prepare the Elasticsearch Index

php ./vendor/keboola/syrup/app/console syrup:create-index

3. Get to work!

  • Edit YourAppExtractor.php and YourAppExtractorJob.php
  • Edit Resources/config/services.yml if you need to use parameters.yml values in the application:

    • Example:

      • services.yml:

        	class: Keboola\TwitterExtractorBundle\TwitterExtractor
        	arguments: ['%twitter%']
      • TwitterExtractor.php

        /** @var array */
        protected $apiKeys;
        public function __construct($twitter) {
        	$this->apiKeys = $twitter;
      • parameters.yml

        	api-key: WoWSuchApiKey16777216489
        	api-secret: OMGICantBelieveH0wS3cr3tIAmTh4t5cr42yTr00l0l0lOhai

I found it easier for development to print out messages to stdout when using the run-job command. That can be done by editing the monolog parameter in vendor/keboola/syrup/app/config/config_dev.yml:

			type:                stream
			path:                php://stdout
			level:               debug
			bubble:              false

For more information about Syrup bundles check out the documentation