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Last update: 2021-10-06 02:28:04 UTC


Contains basic functionality to test several services with behat

Use it with like this (services will be added step by step, not all will be available from the beginning:

class FeatureContext extends \Behat\MinkExtension\Context\MinkContext {
     * Initializes context.
     * Every scenario gets its own context instance.
     * You can also pass arbitrary arguments to the
     * context constructor through behat.yml.
    public function __construct()


SSL Checking for a given url

Feature: Schullogin is basicly available

  Scenario: SSL Opal
    Then the domain Qualys SSL check should be atleast "A" for uri "https://www.google.de"

But you can also use the current url, instead of providing a fully blown url via the scenario

Feature: Schullogin is basicly available

  Scenario: SSL Opal
    Given I am on "/"
    Then the Qualys SSL check should be atleast "A"

The SSL Check can handle quite some states.

SSL Labs State Integer Value
A+ 100
A 90
B 80
C 60
D 40
E 30
T 0

This way we can use the atleast statements.

IMAP checking

Feature: Imap Server

  Scenario: Check Imap Server
    Given I connect to imap server "{mail.example.com:143/imap/novalidate-cert}" as "user" with password "password"
    Then I can list mailboxes
    Then I can read messages from inbox

Telnet checking

Feature: Telnet Server

  Scenario: Check Telnet Server

    I connect to telnet server "telnet.example.com" on port "25" with timeout "30"

Planned features

currently it's planned to add checks for

  • mail server security
  • ssh
  • rdp
  • vnc
  • git
  • ...