Specification in PHP

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#Spec A Simple Specification library for PHP

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composer require kayladnls/spec

What is it?

"the specification pattern is a particular software design pattern, whereby business rules can be recombined by chaining the business rules together using boolean logic. The pattern is frequently used in the context of domain-driven design." -- wikipedia

How do I use it?

Use the builder

$all_spec = Kayladnls/Spec/Builder::all(new MustHaveFourLegs(), new MustHaveStripesSpec());

$all_spec->isSatisfiedBy($elephpant) //False 
$all_spec->isSatisfiedBy($zebra)     // True

$any_spec = Kayladnls/Spec/Builder::any($all_spec, new IsLizardSpec());
$any_spec->isSatisfiedBy($iguana) // True

Or, you can use functions if that's what tickles your fancy.

Function Based

$all_spec = Kayladnls/Spec/all([new MustHaveFourLegs(), new MustHaveStripesSpec()]);

Kayladnls/Spec/satisfies($elephpant, $all_spec) //False 
Kayladnls/Spec/satisfies($zebra, $all_spec) //True 

$any_spec = Kayladnls/Spec/any([$all_spec, new IsLizardSpec()]);
Kayladnls/Spec/satisfies($iguana, $any_spec) // True

$none_spec = Kayladnls/Spec/none([new MustHaveFourLegs(), new MustHaveSpotsSpec()]);
Kayladnls/Spec/satisfies($kangaroo, $none_spec) // true
Kayladnls/Spec/satisfies($cheetah, $none_spec) // false


if ($all_spec->isSatisfiedBy($zebra)){
	// Do Some cool Zebra Stuff here. 

// Function Based
if (satisfies($iguana, $any_spec)){
	// do some cool lizard-based stuff here.