This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

MageBehat - framework to run Behat/Mink for Magento extension integration tests

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1.0.1 2015-04-08 12:31 UTC

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Behat Integration for Magento + Magento Extensions


composer require kassner/magento-behat-extension:dev-master

Documentation for Extension Developers

As an extension developer you are able to place your feature descriptions in your extension directory's Test/features folder.

Example: Hackathon_MageBehatExample1/Test/features/homepage.feature see https://github.com/fooman/MageBehatExamples

Place a behat context file in your extension directory Test/FeatureContext.php to use an extra context (sub context), which is used only for your extension.

Example: Hackathon_MageBehatExample1/Test/FeatureContext.php

Example: [MageAttack] (https://github.com/Schrank/mage-attack)

Implemented Features

  • Magento Frontend
    • Cart
    • Checkout


  1. Start Selenium2

     java -jar selenium-server-standalone.jar
  2. Run Features from Magento root folder

     php -f shell/behat.php