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Create Foundation content elements in TYPO3

For administrators

The extension needs to be installed as any other extension of TYPO3 CMS:

  1. Switch on the Extensions module
  2. On the upper left corner select the "Get Extensions" from the select menu
  3. On the search bar, type: foundation_zurb_framework
  4. Click on the cloud icon and download the extension

Preparation: Include static TypoScript

The extension ships some TypoScript code which needs to be included.

  1. Switch on the Template module
  2. Go to your root page
  3. Switch to the Edit the whole template record
  4. Switch to the Includes tab
  5. Choose the Include Foundation Zurb static template
  6. Save and close your settings

Include PageTS

The extension ships TSConfig too:

  1. Switch to your root page
  2. Edit the page
  3. Switch to Resources
  4. Include Foundation Zurb - BackendLayouts (foundation_zurb_framework)
  5. Include Foundation Zurb - PageTS (foundation_zurb_framework)
  6. Save

Include your version of Foundation Zurb


Apply your own templates

Define on your TypoScript file the path that your templates are located.

tt_content {
  	foundation_reveal {
		templateRootPaths.500 = EXT:yourExtention/Resources/Private/Templates/
		partialRootPaths.500 = EXT:yourExtention/Resources/Private/Partials/
		templateName = Reveal.html

For editors

  1. Switch on the Page module
  2. Choose the page on the Pagetree that you would like the content element to be placed
  3. Click on the content button to create a new content element
  4. Switch to Foundation Zurb Elements
  5. Choose your content element


For the foundation Button, the expanded classes are not yet implemented with the Foundation Zurb 6.4.3 so if you really want to use it you should include the following CSS to your project:


Include a navigation menu

The version 1.0.6 brings the Foundation Zurb responsive navigation. How you can use it: