A minimal package to assist in returning RESTful exceptions in your APIs.

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Automatically turns your thrown exceptions (HTTP/non-HTTP) to the JSON response while conforming to API problem specification.

A Laravel/Lumen package that lets you handle the API problems with ease.

Faulty provides a straightforward implementation of IETF Problem Specification and turns your exceptions to be returned in the below format with the content type of application/problem+json

   "status": 403,
   "type": "http://example.com/problems/out-of-credit",
   "title": "You do not have enough credit.",
   "detail": "Your current balance is 30, but that costs 50.",
   "instance": "http://example.net/account/12345/logs?id=233"


  • type is the absolute URI that identifies the type of problem
  • title is the summary of problem
  • status is the status code
  • detail is human readable explanation specific to problem
  • instance is the absolute URI that identifies the specific occurrence of the problem


Run the below command

composer require kamranahmedse/laravel-faulty

Make your exception handler i.e. App\Exceptions\Handler that can be found at app\Exceptions\Handler.php extend from the Faulty's handler i.e.

use KamranAhmed\Faulty\Handler as FaultyHandler;

class Handler extends FaultyHandler {
   // ...

And that's it. You are all set to use Faulty.

##Configuration Faulty relies on the following environment configurations

  • APP_DEBUG : If true, exceptions will be rendered with whoops, if false JSON will be returned. Defaults to false
  • APP_DEBUG_TRACE : If true, stack trace will be included in the application errors. Defaults to true


For HTTP exceptions to be rendered properly with the proper status codes, you should use the exception classes provided by faulty i.e. the ones available in Faulty\Exceptions namespace or use the relevant ones provided by the Symfony's HTTP component i.e. the ones available under Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Exception

###Throwing Exceptions

All the exception classes have the below signature

use KamranAhmed\Faulty\Exceptions\[ProblemType]Exception;
[ProblemType]Exception($detail, $title = '', $instance = '', $type = '')

Here are some of the provided exception classes

// Include the exception classes from the given namespace

throw new BadRequestException('Invalid request data');
throw new ConflictException('Same request is already pending');
throw new ForbiddenException('You are not allowed to perform this action');
throw new InternalErrorException('Exports directory isn\'t writable');
throw new NoContentException('Deletion request successfuly accepted');
throw new NotFoundException('Item not found');
throw new NotModifiedException('..');
throw new PaymentRequiredException('..');
throw new PreconditionFailedException('..');
throw new ProcessingException('..');
throw new RequestTimeoutException('..');
throw new RequestTooLongException('..');
throw new UnauthorizedException('..');
throw new UnprocessableEntityException('..');

Also, if you would like to return any response for which the exception class isn't available, you can use the HttpException class i.e.

use KamranAhmed\Faulty\Exceptions\HttpException;

throw new HttpException($title = '', $status = 500, $detail = '', $instance = '', $type = '');

Syntactic Sugar

Also, for any of the exception classes above, you can use the below syntax as well.

$typeUrl = route('api.problem', ['type' => 'forbidden']);
$occurence = route('account.error', ['account_id' => 'A837332A', 'log_id' => 34]);

(new ForbiddenException("Your account doesn't have the balance of 50 USD"))
    ->setTitle('Balance too low)

Also, if you would like to send additional data in response, call the method setAdditional([]) on the error object while passing the additional detail i.e.

(new ForbiddenException("Your account doesn't have the balance of 50 USD"))
    ->setTitle('Balance too low)
        'current_balance' => 40,
        'required_balance' => 50,
        'item_detail' => $itemArray


Feel free to fork, enhance, create PR and lock issues.


MIT © Kamran Ahmed