A middleware to censor certain words from your pages

v2.0 2016-03-01 17:28 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-02-21 14:48:09 UTC


Let's you easily redact or replace the occurences of words, sentences or %wildcards%

A laravel middleware that will automatically censor the words that you will specify. All you have to do is specify the things, that you want to redact or replace, in a configuration file and these words will automatically be redacted/replaced from the views on whose route you will specify the middleware.


Perform the following operations in order to use this middleware

  • Run composer require kamranahmedse/laravel-censor in your terminal

  • Add Service Provider Open config/app.php and add KamranAhmed\LaravelCensor\LaravelCensorServiceProvider::class to the end of providers array:

    'providers' => array(
  • Register the Middleware After that open the file app/Http/Kernel.php and add the following

    'censor' => \KamranAhmed\LaravelCensor\CensorMiddleware::class

    to the end of $routeMiddleware array

     protected $routeMiddleware = [
         'censor' => \KamranAhmed\LaravelCensor\CensorMiddleware::class
  • Publish Configuration Open terminal and run

    php artisan vendor:publish

How to use

  • After following the above steps, there will be a censor.php file inside the config directory. The file has two arrays, namely replace and redact.

  • You have to specify the words that you want to replace in the replace array with words or wildcards set to the keys of array and replacements as values i.e.

    'replace' => [
        'idiot'    => '(not a nice word)',
        'hate%'    => 'peace',      // Wildcard: Will replace the words beginning at hate e.g. hatered, hate, hated etc
        '%eograph%' =>  'some-graphy-word',         // Willcard: Will replace words containing `eograph` anywhere in the middle e.g. geographic, angeography etc
        'seventh'  => '7th',
        'monthly'  => 'every month',
        'yearly'   => 'every year',
        'weekly'   => 'every week',
  • For any words that you want to redact or completely remove, you have to specify them in the redact array

    'redact' => [
       'idiot%',        // e.g. idiot will be replaced with 5 asterisks, idiotic with 7 asterisks etc 
       'password',      // Will be replaced with 8 asterisks

    The words specified in redact array will turn into asterisks. For example idiot will be turned into 5 asterisks (*****).

  • Now for any route from which you want these words to be redacted or replaced, place the middleware censor over it and it will automatically redact/replace those words from all of the page. For example, below is how you can specify it over the route e.g.

    Route::get('post-detail', ['middleware' => 'censor', 'uses' => 'PostController@detail', 'as' => 'postDetail']);

    Or specify it over the route group so that it may handle all the routes in that group e.g.

    Route::group(['prefix' => 'post', 'middleware' => 'censor'], function () {
        Route::get('detail', ['uses' => 'PostController@detail']);
        Route::get('add', ['uses' => 'PostController@add']);

How to Contribute

  • Feel free to add some new functionality, improve some existing functionality etc and open up a pull request explaining what you did.
  • Report any issues in the issues section
  • Also you can reach me directly at kamranahmed.se@gmail.com with any feedback