Simple, Fast PHP DocBlock Parser / Reflector

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Simple, Fast PHP DocBlock Parser / Reflector

This is a dead-simple DocBlock / doc comment / PHPDoc parser. It separates a block into tags and a comment and that's it. Nothing fancy here. If you want fancy, use the Doctrine Annotation bundle.


Use Composer to install by adding this to your composer.json:

	"require": {
		"kamermans/docblock-reflection": "~1.0"


This library is basically used for grabbing comments and tags, so here are some examples:

Consider this class

 * A Foo class
 * @deprecated
 * @version      v1.1
 * @see          Foo::bar()
 * @see          google.com
class Foo {
	 * Does something that is really
	 * cool and makes your life easy
	 * @param string $name Your name
	 * @return string
	public function bar($name) {
		return "FooBar $name";

We can explore it using the stock Reflection API, but it doesn't parse the DocBlocks

$reflect = new RelflectionClass("Foo");
echo $reflect->getDocComment(); // spits out the raw block

To dig into the comment, use kamermans\Reflection\DocBlock. You can pass anything that implements the Reflector interface and has a getDocComment() method. That means ReflectionObject, ReflectionClass, ReflectionMethod, ReflectionFunction, etc.

use kamermans\Reflection\DocBlock;

$reflect = new ReflectionClass("Foo");
$doc = new DocBlock($reflect);

// Check if the @deprecated tag exists

// Get the comment "A Foo class"

echo $doc->version; // v1.1

// The same tag can be set multiple times
echo implode("|", $doc->see); // Foo::bar()|google.com

// It works on methods too
$doc = new DocBlock($reflect->getMethod("bar"));
echo "Foo returns a $doc->return\n"; // Foo returns a string

// Multiline comments work too