Drupal integration module for the Kalastatic prototyping and styleguide tool

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This module integrates Kalastatic with Drupal.

Kalastatic is a static site framework for prototyping, style-guiding and building out CMS-less websites. More information can be found on the Kalastatic wiki.


For a prototype to be truly alive, it must co-exist with the dynamic assets generated by the CMS. When the user installs a module in Drupal, CSS and JS should be brought into the prototype context for regression testing on components and templates.

Conversely, the prototype as a canonical style guide should be pulled into the CMS. This approach ensures a portable and agnostic approach to design, and eases portability across multiple systems – avoiding re-implementation, and centralizing maintenance.


  • provides pretty paths at /kalastatic/styleguide and /kalastatic/prototype
  • permissions for viewing the styleguide and protoype
  • a configurable path to Kalastatic resources
  • provides Drupal CSS and JS that can be shared back to the prototype


  • dynamic sharing of resources from Drupal to the prototype


In theory, none. In practice, this modules does nothing without Kalastatic, which we recommend residing inside your subtheme. We of course recommend Kalatheme as a base theme.


Install the module as usual. See http://drupal.org/documentation/install/modules-themes/modules-7 for help.


  • Configure user permissions in Administration » People » Permissions
    • Configure Kalastatic

      Define where Kalastatic lives within Drupal. Grab CSS and JS references that can be added to the prototype.

    • View Kalastatic prototype

      Users with this permission will be able to access the prototype at /kalastatic/prototype.

    • View Kalastatic styleguide

      Users with this permission will be able to access the prototype at /kalastatic/styleguide. But why hide the beauty? Let everyone see it!


Visit the KalaStatic upgrade documentation.


Issues for this module are currently handled in the context of the main project at https://github.com/kalamuna/kalastatic