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A wrapper library for the stats.com API

1.0.1 2019-08-19 08:34 UTC

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Last update: 2021-09-19 13:40:47 UTC


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The stats-com-sdk-php package is an SDK wrapper for the stats.com API.


Require the juststeveking/stats-com-sdk-php package in your composer.json and update your dependencies:

composer require juststeveking/stats-com-sdk-php

Instantiating the Client:

Pass in the configuration to the client:

use JustSteveKing\Stats\Client;

$config = [
    'base' => '{the_base_url}', // optional
    'username' => '{your_username}',
    'password' => '{your_password}'

$client = new Client($config);

Or configure after construct:

use JustSteveKing\Stats\Client;
$client = new Client()
            ->setBase('https://example.com/api') // optional

GET a resource

Fetch a Resource by ID: