Multiple upload form control for Nette framework.

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dev-master 2013-11-03 16:06 UTC

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Project that allows you to upload more files to server at once using Nette Forms. You can choose from various front-end interfaces and define your own fallbacks between them, best will be used.

Demo page: http://multiplefileupload.projekty.mujserver.net/


  1. Open terminal in your project
  2. composer require jkuchar/multiplefileupload:dev-master
  3. Copy files from libs/jkuchar/multiplefileupload/public to www/MultipleFileUpload
  4. You are done!

For more information see example.

Full documentation


Because this repo is imported from SVN there were no way how to create real forks on github during time this project was in SVN. So there are more than one github repos containing MultipleFileUpload.