Set of tools to help you with your projects.

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This is tiny CLI application which will help you manage your projects.


Darwin requires composer for its functionality, install it using this command:

$ composer global require juniwalk/darwin

file:permission | fix

Fix permissions of files and dirs on current working directory.

$ darwin fix [folder] --config=CONFIG
  • --config: name of configuration file.

image:shrink | shrink

Use this command to shrink all images that ale larger than given size option.

$ darwin shrink --size=SIZE --quality=QUALITY --backup
  • --size: size to which the image will be fitted.
  • --quality: quality of resulting image.
  • --backup: backup image before resizing (adds .backup suffix to filename).

image:restore | restore

Restore all modified images (any image with suffix .backup).

$ darwin restore


Clear out backups using defined parameters.

$ darwin backup:clean [folder] --force --keep-count=KEEP-COUNT --keep-time=KEEP-TIME
  • --force: command runs in dry-run as default. Use -f to perform deletions.
  • --keep-count: minimum number of backups to be kept per project.
  • --keep-time: keep backups that are no older than keep-time.