A simple OTA REST Server for LineageOS OTA Updater System Application

2.4.0 2017-07-08 20:32 UTC


A simple OTA REST Server for LineageOS OTA Updater System Application

How to use

  1. cd /var/www/ && composer create-project julianxhokaxhiu/lineage-ota LineageOTA
  2. Follow the rest of the tutorial on my personal blog post where I explain how to override the build server on your ROM.
  3. Optional. If just want to test if the REST Server is working, if you go to http://localhost/LineageOTA you'll be redirected to the builds directory listing.


docker run \
    --restart=always \
    -d \
    -p 80:80 \
    -v "/home/user/builds:/var/www/html/builds/full" \


  • PHP >= 5.3.0
  • PHP ZIP Extension
  • Composer ( if installing via CLI )

Where do I have to upload the ZIPs that I obtain after the compilation?

  • Full builds should be uploaded into builds/full directory.
  • Delta builds should be uploaded into builds/delta directory.

Can I Debug my REST Server somehow?

Yes, you can! I've implemented a simple script made for NodeJS that you clone and use it.



  • Add support for the new id field for LineageOS ( see #32 )
  • Mention the need of the PHP ZIP extension in the README in order to run correctly this software ( see #27 )


  • Fix for "Fix for the timestamp value. Now it inherits the one from the ROM". The order to read this value was before the OTA server was aware of the content of the build.prop. ( thanks to @syphyr )


  • Added support for latest LineageOS ROMs that are using the version field ( see #29 )
  • Fix for the timestamp value. Now it inherits the one from the ROM ( see #30 )


  • Honor ro.build.ota.url if present ( thanks to @ontherunvaro )
  • Add support for recursive subdirectories for full builds ( thanks to @corna )
  • Fix changelog URL generation ( thanks to @corna )
  • Add support for HTTPS OTA Url ( thanks to @corna )
  • Fix tutorial URL inside the README.md ( thanks to @visi0nary )


  • Extend the legacy updater channel support to any Lineage ROM < 14.1


  • Add support for LineageOS unofficial keyword on API requests
  • Drop memcached in favor of APCu. Nothing to configure, it just works :)



  • Adding support for LineageOS CMUpdater ( this should not break current CM ROMs support, if yes please create an issue! )


  • Renamed the whole project from CyanogenMod to LineageOS
  • Added support for LineageOS ( and kept support for current CyanogenMod ROMs, until they will transition to LineageOS)


  • Loop only between .ZIP files! Before even .TXT files were "parsed" which wasted some memory. Avoid this and make the REST server memory friendly :)
  • HTML Changelogs! If you will now create a changelog file next to your ZIP file with an HTML extension ( eg. lineage-14.0-20161230-NIGHTLY-hammerhead.html ) this will be preferred over .TXT ones! Otherwise fallback to the classic TXT extension ( eg. lineage-14.0-20161230-NIGHTLY-hammerhead.txt )


  • Fix the parsing of SNAPSHOT builds


  • Final Fix for TXT and ZIP files in the same directory
  • Automatic URL detection for basePath ( no real need to touch it again )
  • Delta builds array is now returned correctly


  • Memcached support
  • UNOFFICIAL builds support ( they will be set as channel = NIGHTLY )
  • Fix Delta Builds path
  • Fix internal crash when *.txt files were present inside /builds/full path


  • Fix some breaking changes that will not enable the REST server to work correctly.


  • Excluded hiddens files and autogenerated ones by the OS (for example .something or Thumbs.db).


  • Refactored the whole code.
  • Now everything is PSR4 compliant.
  • Introduced composer.json to make easier the installation of the project.



Enjoy :)