A simple OTA REST Server for LineageOS OTA Updater System Application

2.1.1 2017-02-27 20:55 UTC


A simple OTA REST Server for LineageOS OTA Updater System Application

How to use

  1. cd /var/www/ && composer create-project julianxhokaxhiu/lineage-ota LineageOTA
  2. Follow the rest of the tutorial on my personal blog post where I explain how to override the build server on your ROM.
  3. Optional. If just want to test if the REST Server is working, if you go to http://localhost/LineageOTA you'll be redirected to the builds directory listing.


docker run \
    --restart=always \
    -d \
    -p 80:80 \
    -v "/home/user/builds:/var/www/html/builds/full" \

Where do I have to upload the ZIPs that I obtain after the compilation?

  • Full builds should be uploaded to builds/full directory.
  • Delta builds will be automatically built on the builds/delta directory.

Can I Debug my REST Server somehow?

Yes, you can! I've implemented a simple script made for NodeJS that you clone and use it.



  • Extend the legacy updater channel support to any Lineage ROM < 14.1


  • Add support for LineageOS unofficial keyword on API requests
  • Drop memcached in favor of APCu. Nothing to configure, it just works :)



  • Adding support for LineageOS CMUpdater ( this should not break current CM ROMs support, if yes please create an issue! )


  • Renamed the whole project from CyanogenMod to LineageOS
  • Added support for LineageOS ( and kept support for current CyanogenMod ROMs, until they will transition to LineageOS)


  • Loop only between .ZIP files! Before even .TXT files were "parsed" which wasted some memory. Avoid this and make the REST server memory friendly :)
  • HTML Changelogs! If you will now create a changelog file next to your ZIP file with an HTML extension ( eg. lineage-14.0-20161230-NIGHTLY-hammerhead.html ) this will be preferred over .TXT ones! Otherwise fallback to the classic TXT extension ( eg. lineage-14.0-20161230-NIGHTLY-hammerhead.txt )


  • Fix the parsing of SNAPSHOT builds


  • Final Fix for TXT and ZIP files in the same directory
  • Automatic URL detection for basePath ( no real need to touch it again )
  • Delta builds array is now returned correctly


  • Memcached support
  • UNOFFICIAL builds support ( they will be set as channel = NIGHTLY )
  • Fix Delta Builds path
  • Fix internal crash when *.txt files were present inside /builds/full path


  • Fix some breaking changes that will not enable the REST server to work correctly.


  • Excluded hiddens files and autogenerated ones by the OS (for example .something or Thumbs.db).


  • Refactored the whole code.
  • Now everything is PSR4 compliant.
  • Introduced composer.json to make easier the installation of the project.


  • Delta updates may or may not work. It's using Deltax3 to create them but it's just experimental. Use it at your own risk.



Enjoy :)