A PHP Wrapper for the Emma API

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Emma is a PHP class for interaction with the Emma API.

Copyright (c) 2012-2015 Mark Roland.
Written by Mark Roland
Released under the MIT license.

This PHP class may be distributed and used for free. The author makes no guarantee for this software and offers no support.

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    composer require markroland/emma ^3.0


To get started, initialize the Emma class as follows:

    use MarkRoland\Emma\Client;

    $emma = new Client(<account_id>, <public_key>, <private_key>);

For example,

    use MarkRoland\Emma\Client;

    $emma = new Client('1234','Drivorj7QueckLeuk','WoghtepheecijnibV');

The tests folder in this package contains some test scripts that can be run to see how Emma Client class may be used.

Also look in the examples folder for code examples for:

In order to understand how to use this script, please make sure you have a good understanding of the Emma API:



Build using Phing

    phing phpdoc
    phing phpcs


    phpunit --bootstrap tests/bootstrap.php tests

Code Coverage

    phpunit --coverage-html ./report ./tests

PHP Documentation

PHP Documentation is compiled using phpDocumentor, which is assumed to be installed globally on the server. It uses phpdoc.dist.xml for runtime configuration.


Code Sniff

    phpcs -n --report-width=100 ./src/Emma.php