A simple application 'option' interface

v1.0.0 2018-04-22 17:27 UTC

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Last update: 2021-02-06 01:59:02 UTC


This is a relatively straightforward library for storing and retrieving various "options" in your application. This is great for stuff that is not appropriate for environment variables, but that might not need an entire application model.


You can install this package via composer.

composer require judahnator/option


First thing you need to do is pass what driver you plan to use into the Option class constructor.

For debugging and demonstration purposes, we will use the MemoryDriver provided with this library. You can also write your own drivers, there is a section for that later in this readme.


use judahnator\Option\Drivers\MemoryDriver;
use judahnator\Option\Option;

$option = new Option(new MemoryDriver());
  • To get an option:
    • $option->get('foo');
  • To check if an option exists:
    • $option->has('foo');
  • To set (or overwrite) an option:
    • $option->set('foo', 'foos value')
  • To delete an option:
    • $option->delete('foo')


There are two drivers provided by default with this library.

  • \judahnator\Option\Drivers\JsonFileDriver
  • \judahnator\Option\Drivers\MemoryDriver

The first accepts an argument for where you want your options stored. The later is purely in-memory, and is best used for only debugging or demonstration purposes.

Creating your own Option driver is simple as well. Create a new class that extends the \judahnator\Option\OptionInterface interface. You can now use that as a driver for the Option class.