PHP Framework that tries to do it all.

1.0.4 2013-03-13 09:27 UTC


Backend is a simple and intuitive to use Web Application Framework for PHP, with a strong MVC base and the capability to be extended using components. It takes care of the routine drudgery, while you work on the magic of your application.

Various hooks and components can be used to extend backend to fit the developers needs. It ships with, amongst others, components to manage users, permissions and contents.


###MVC Development Architecture

Your code will be neat and modular, as everything happens in a Model / View / Contorller Architecture.

###Rapid Web Application Development

Setup a complete, working application in minutes, and just fill in the gaps.

###Templating Engine

Use the simple templating engine with built in caching to easily style your application.

###Standard Components

Use the included components to add features such as tagging, comments and user management without writing a line of code.


Customize the default behavior through various Config Settings and Coding Hooks.

Website: http://backend-php.net