Basics for professional TYPO3 projects

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dev-main 2023-09-27 17:10 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-03-27 18:14:39 UTC


Part of professional_aspects


  • adopt backend related database fields for backend users
  • adopt tt_content database fields for a better list module overview
  • adopt User TsConfig to improve file/folder structure
  • add a http to https redirect middleware in the frontend


Required fields for backend users

  • realName (trim, required)
  • email (trim, required, email)

What the hell?

Reason Implemented Description Implementation
Security yes Requiring realName and email fields motivates adding one backend user per real human TCA/Overrides, by requiring email address and name
Security yes Limit sharing bad passwords across multiple persons/teams/departments on customer side by TCA/Overrides, by requiring email address
Security Write custom commands to check for not used TYPO3 backend users
Security Write custom commands to delete TYPO3 backend users which are not used for a while
Security Implement custom commands to delete TYPO3 backend users based on deny lists
Reporting Write custom commands to inform team members of not used backend editors
Base for TYPO3 core features Forgot password functionality → reduces support cases
Backend UX Better UX in backend views history, or record info modals → real name is shown
Backend UX Improve UX by adding profile image for each real human editor or use ext:gravatar for automatic profile images
Reflects real life Better overview of you much persons are really working as editors on the project
More realistic backend stats See who is really editing content in an TYPO3 instance. Base for building some custom user statistics. Imagine writing some statistics for the TYPO3 backend dashboard module.

Required fields for tt_content

  • header (trim, required)

What the hell?

Reason Implemented Description
Backend UX yes Requiring tt_content.header makes records with "title" [No title] in list view belongs to the past
Backend UX yes tt_content.header with tt_content.header_layout set to "Hidden" 0 still allows disabled/hidden titles in the website frontend

Disabled backend functionality

  • No direct uploads in backend forms. An editor have to upload files within the TYPO3 filelist module

What the hell?

Direct upload forms in backend forms motivates lazy backend editors to not structure their assets (files) in a folder structure. There are possibilities to add folders in the upload UI but most of the users do not use such features.


Required packages