Adds email verification functionality for members

1.0.4 2017-01-18 07:03 UTC

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Last update: 2024-02-17 16:29:37 UTC


This module modifies the registration/login process so that Members are required to validate their email address before they can log in.


  • Works out of the box without any configuration
  • Supports i18n
  • Works with custom registration forms and other 3rd party modules (e.g. silverstripe/forum)
  • All templates and strings are easy to override


This module adds the following properties to the Member DataObject:

  • Verified
  • VerificationString
  • VerificationEmailSent

On creation of a new Member, the Member is assigned a unique VerificationString and sent an email containing a validation link. The user will not be allowed to log in until they've visited the validation link sent in the verification email. After visiting the validation link, Validated is set to true for the Member record, and the user is allowed to log in to the website.

If the user has lost or deleted their verification email, they can have it re-sent using a form action that is added to the login form.


  • SilverStripe 3.1 or higher


composer require "jordanmkoncz/silverstripe-memberemailverification"


All text strings can be overridden. To override the English text strings, create or modify your mysite/lang/en.yml file and override the values in this module's lang/en.yml file. To override the strings for additional languages, add the other languages in your mysite/lang folder.

The template for the verification email can also be overridden. Just create a file in your theme's templates/email folder (note the lowercase "e") called Within this template you can access the Member object, SiteConfig object, and of course the ValidationLink that the user must visit to verify their email.

The templates for all controller actions in the Security extension can also be overridden if needed. Each controller action has its own template name that it will use if it exists, and falls back to using the Security template. For example, to override the template for the Security verify_email action, just create a file in your theme's templates/Layout folder called

Example Project

You can view an example project that uses this module at jordanmkoncz/silverstripe-memberemailverification-example.


This module was inspired by the exadium/silverstripe-module-email-verified-member module. It was created to provide the same member email verification functionality but without the unnecessary member moderation functionality, and with cleaner and more well-documented code that is easier to understand and easier to customise.