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This module is for SilverStripe v3 only. SilverStripe 4 supports many email services through configuration only by providing a wrapper for SwiftMailer. Postmark takes some extra work to set up though, because SS4 uses SwiftMailer v5, and the official Postmark adapter for that version is incomplete. Here are a couple of different approaches for working around the issue:

SilverStripe Postmark Mailer

This module lets you send SilverStripe emails through the official Postmark PHP library, falling back to PHP's built-in sendmail() if Postmark is unreachable.


Note: an alternative Postmark Mailer class that works with older versions of SilverStripe and PHP is available here.


Install with Composer. Learn how

composer require "jonom/silverstripe-postmark-mailer:^1.0"


You will need to provide a PostmarkAPP API key and at least one verified email address (Sender Signature) that you have set up in your Postmark account. If you try to send an email from a non-verified address, the From address will be changed to the first verified address you provided and a Reply-To field will be set with the original From address.

Example configuration

In your project's _config.php file:

Email::set_mailer(new PostmarkMailer());


// Send email through Postmark in live environment only
if (Director::isLive()) {
	Email::set_mailer(new PostmarkMailer());

In your project's _config/config.yml file:

  api_key: 'your-key-goes-here'
    - ''
    - ''

Maintainer contact

Jono Menz


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