Unofficial deployer recipes for interacting with Neos CMS.

0.5.1 2022-02-03 09:18 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-12-01 00:12:59 UTC


These deployer scripts are built on top of Deployer. Most of the tasks are provided by this library already; this package adds just some optimization for the install process as well as the needed actions for deploying a project. There are also some helper tasks available, who should make your life as a developer a bit easier. Please run the deployer scripts only in your development environment, as Deployer connects automatically to the needed live server.

You can look at the examples folder to look how to set up a deployment. The files should be saved on the root of you project. In the deploy.yaml file you will find explanations for all the available settings.


Enter this on the root of your project:

composer require --dev jonnitto/neos-deployer


Currently, there are settings for these hosters:

Slack webhook

To get a notification in Slack, you have to set slack_webhook.
You can register it here

Commands for every hoster

Run these tasks with dep COMMAND. If you want to list all commands, enter dep or dep list

Most important commands:

Command Description Uberspace 7 proServer
deploy Deploy your project
frontend Build frontend files and push them to git
install Initialize installation
install:import Import your local database and persistent resources
install:symlink Set the symbolic link for this site
rollback Rollback to previous release
ssh Connect to host through ssh
ssh:key Create and/or read the deployment key
deploy:publish_resources Publish resources
deploy:run_migrations Apply database migrations
deploy:tag Create release tag on git
deploy:unlock Unlock deploy
config:current Show current paths
config:dump Print host configuration
config:hosts Print all hosts
node:migrate List and run node migrations
node:repair Repair inconsistent nodes in the content repository
site:import Import the site from the a package with a xml file
user:create_admin Create a new administrator
edit:cronjob Edit the cronjobs
edit:settings Edit the Neos Settings.yaml file
domain:add Add a domain to uberspace
domain:remove Remove a domain from uberspace
domain:list List all domains and sub-domains
domain:force Configure the server to force a specific domain (Nginx only)
domain:dns Output the IP addresses for the host
domain:ssl Add Let's Encrypt SSL certificate
domain:ssl:request Requested the SSl certificate
domain:ssl:remove Remove domain(s) from Let's Encrypt SSL certificate list
install:sendmail Activate sendmail on the server 
install:redis Activate redis on the server 
install:elasticsearch Activate Elasticsearch on the server 
install:set_server Set server to Apache or Nginx, based on deploy.yaml
install:update Update from an older version of jonnitto/neos-deployer
restart:server Restart server (Apache or Nginx)
restart:php Restart PHP
tunnel Create a tunnel connection via localhost for a SFTP or MySQL
php:version Set the PHP version on the server