Module for munkireport.

v1.5 2020-07-09 14:40 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-05-09 20:25:29 UTC


NoMAD and NoMAD Login Module for MunkiReport

Table Schema

The table contains the following information, one row per machine:

  • id (int) Unique id
  • serial_number (string) Serial Number
  • nomad_version (string) Version number if NoMAD is installed
  • nomad_login_version (string) Version number if NoMAD Login is installed
  • nomad_user (string) Username of NoMAD user
  • nomad_enabled (boolean) Returns True if NoMAD is signed in
  • nomad_login_enabled (boolean) Returns True if NoMAD Login is in the authorization mechs
  • addomain (string) AD Domain of NoMAD
  • kerberos_realm (string) Kerberos Realm of NoMAD
  • use_keychain (boolean) Returns True if keychain is enabled
  • local_password_sync (boolean) Returns True if local password sync is enabled