MicroMDM Module for munkireport.

v1.2 2020-03-05 04:09 UTC

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Last update: 2022-05-10 17:27:35 UTC


composer require joncrain/mr-micromdm

This will be the middleware and webhook for a MicroMDM instance. Right now it functions by talking to some custom middleware for MicroMDM.

Need to add in the ability to create and store DeviceLock/EraseDevice codes as well.

Commands to support

Not sure if all of these are needed, but it'd be nice to have a config to turn them on or off:

Simple Commands Available

These commands do not pass in any extra json:

  • restart device
  • security info
  • available os updates
  • certificate list
  • installed application list
  • os update status
  • profile list
  • provisioning profile list
  • shutdown device

Phase II: Complex Commands

Other commands are a little more complex and it would be nice to have a call for data entry (i.e. to set pin code). Not quite sure how to do this.

  • device information
    • Queries
  • device lock/erase device (going to want some more auth on these?)
    • pin
  • install/remove application/profile (I don't think this is viable)
  • schedule os update
    • product key
    • install action (selectable)
  • schedule os update scan
    • force
  • settings application configuration

Input Data

Need to setup the ability to intake the webhook from micromdm. That's a lot of json data, not sure how to best handle it...

One thought is to create a table just for the webhook data and tie back to the MMDM table on UDID.